UX Research

UX research is a process of learning about people who are the intended users of a mobile app, a desktop app, website or any other digital product.


Observing, talking and testing with the right participants from your target group will help you build a product that your customers actually need and are willing to use thereby increasing your ROI.


If you don’t conduct any kind of user experience research you risk that your product will be based only on assumptions about your customers—what are their goals, needs, problems, behavior, context, and level of technical skills.


It’s really important to confirm which of these assumptions are right and which are wrong.

We help you understand your users by conducting research to understand their behavioral patterns. We use design thinking methods to ensure that your business makes informed decisions about users and their interaction with your business.


Conducting user testing on wireframes and prototypes at an early stage of a design process allows you to spot problems and fix them before a product is launched. It’s a great way of reducing costs of delivering a successful product because making adjustments to prototypes is relatively more efficient when you compare it with making changes during the development phase.


You might think that you could skip user testing and go straight to the development stage because in your opinion the prototype is clear and easy to use. But you need to be aware that you are not your user and you might be affected by the false-consensus effect which is a tendency to assume that others would share your beliefs and would behave similarly in a given context. It’s really better to realize as early as possible that your way of thinking about how users would use your product can be influenced a lot by your mental model.

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